Your Car Security – 4 Tips To Keep Your Motor Safe


The world we live in is changing by the day. Seemingly, so are the ways in which most cars are being stolen. Gone is the time when a young person in a balaclava would simply break a window, reach into the car, hotwire it, and drive off. No, today thieves are sophisticated and clever. Unfortunately. They take advantage of technology that is there for your convenience. So what can you do to boost your car security? Quite a lot, as it happens. Here’s 4 core ideas and a few bonus tips thrown in for good measure.

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Locking wheel bolts are an effective security addition. Not cleaning the wheels helps too.
Locking wheel bolts are an effective security addition. Not cleaning the wheels helps too.

Car Spec
There are some cars and car parts that automatically attract the wrong sort of attention. Thieves traditionally love a set of big wheels, because they are worth more when sold. A set of locking wheel nuts will help retention, but being sensible with how we spec our car will also keep thieves moving on. Not opting for the extra large touchscreens, especially if they cannot be removed from the car and remain on display. Not going for versions with big spoilers and loud body kits, although there seem to be fewer really outlandishly styled cars around. So clearly the manufacturers have started listening. All of this can help keep a low profile, which is good news for keeping your car.

Number Plate Bolts
Sometimes, a thief is after a car’s identity rather than a car. They will steal number plates from lawful cars, and place them on stolen ones. Then they can go around stealing fuel, speeding and parking illegally. Then it’s the real owners that end up getting the visits from the police. I speak from experience, as I had my own plates stolen two years ago. For the sake of your eyes and ears, I won’t repeat the exact phrasing I used when I found out. Using secure number plate bolts will help ensure that your car remains your car in the eyes of the law. These bolts are ones that can be tightened easily, but are very difficult to loosen. Perfect. Just make sure when you change the bolts, you don’t accidentally put the number plate back on upside-down. Then these bolts become a massive headache.

Steering Lock
Sometimes keeping things simple is best. If the thieves can’t turn the wheel, they’re not going to be doing a lot of driving. A big bright steering lock not only will keep you wheel pointing in one direction, but also be a visual deterrent. Yes, they can be cut. But the likelihood of the thief being prepared to sit there with a circular saw, after already having spent time breaking into the vehicle, is much lower. Not a guarantee, but a big help nonetheless. Keyless technology is making entering a vehicle a much cleaner process than before. Let’s not make life too easy for the thieves and make them do some actual work. My theory is that if we can afford to spend 1000s on a car, we should be able to stretch to the extra circa 50 quid to keep it safe.

The humble steering lock has kept many a car safe
The humble steering lock has kept many a car safe

Parking Choice
A bit of an unusual one this, but a piece of advice that served me very well when I was riding motorcycles. That is to park next to something nicer! Always make sure there is a more desirable car that isn’t too far away, to tempt the thieves onto something else. As the saying goes, imagine you and your friend are being chased by a lion. You don’t need to outrun the lion. You just need to outrun your friend. Or better still, don’t wander into their cage at all. If you are able to park in a secure garage, better still. But there is a caveat for if you merely park off the road.

Recent research has shown that if thieves see a relatively upmarket vehicle parked on the drive of a house, they associate that house with wealth. Fairly logical, but this can make the house more of a target, particularly if you leave keys in the doorway, and the car has keyless entry / start. When one parks on street, it is not as obvious to newcomers which car is associated with which household. Something to think about when parking up and leaving the keys within range of the vehicle.

Bonus Tips
When I bought my first car, I actually put a chain around one of the wheels, to stop it rotating. Possibly a bit extreme, but no one stole the car so I count that as a victory. One could fit a tracker, and if you have a half decent vehicle, I would highly recommend this. I had one on my motorbike, and it gave me incredible peace of mind. You could remove certain parts of the car when you return home to prevent anyone else from driving. This works if you have a quick-release steering wheel, for example. Or a gear knob. When it comes to your car security, the list is endless really.

Your car security is still an issue, but I hope this has shown that there are always ways to stay one step ahead. Even just using some of the methods mentioned could be enough to keep your car where it belongs. Don’t forget to let us find you a car if you’re struggling. We will do the hard work, and find you a better vehicle in record time. Call us today. Put us to the test. Thanks for reading!

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