Focus On Bargains – Introduction to Saving Money


Welcome to a new mindset within motoring. Gone are the days where cheap cars meant miserable motoring. Therefore, I will keep you all updated with money saving tricks that I use. Let’s focus on bargains. Allow me to introduce my own value set of wheels: The Mk1 Ford Focus. 

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I bought this 2.0 Ghia about 5 years ago. It was discounted to a couple of grand, which I felt was a bargain then. It has just enough tech on board that you don’t feel embarrassed if you have to give someone a lift. But it doesn’t have so much tech that you feel confused when you get behind the wheel. And therefore start to feel embarrassed if you have to give someone a lift. Tech tightrope successfully walked in my view. 

I bought the Focus because you know what you’re dealing with when you buy a relatively mainstream car. They’ve been at this game a while now, and can take high miles without much trouble. It’s easy to drive, has enough power to make it fun and it’s practical enough to deal with the weekly shop. Something very satisfying about buying a solid, enjoyable vehicle and not worrying about it future high costs. A definite MotorKwirks hero, and a full review of this car will be available soon. 

Of course, no car of mine would be complete without a couple of issues to keep me on my toes, and sure enough, it had rust building up along the lower edge of the rear passenger door, and a slight oil leak from the top of the engine. Neither of these are unknown problems for cars built 16 years ago, and both of them are inexpensive to manage or repair, as I will be explaining later. 

As the main aim of this featured blog is to share my experiences of running a good-value, fun, everyday car, I will be revealing some neat money saving tricks in the coming days and weeks. I tend not to recommend anything that I haven’t tried myself (recognising that every car has its quirks (or should that be ‘Kwirks…’). So do please tune in for regular updates on my progress, and keep our wheels and wallets happy!