Make Driving Easier – 3 Situations Which Should Be Illegal (Possibly)


Driving is a dangerous business. It requires a specific skill set, and confidence to be able to handle a machine much larger and heavier than ourselves. Driving requires a lot of concentration, particularly in the early stages. Therefore, it is only right that there are certain laws permitting what is and is not allowed within the car. So we aren’t allowed to use a mobile phone, and we shouldn’t be driving after we’ve had a few drinks. But in my view, the authorities could go so much further to make driving easier for the driver. Here are some of my preferred options. Don’t forget that as well as entertaining our visitors, MotorKwirks also specialises in finding them the right car. Call us now, and see how we can help!

Stay out of trouble. Or just ahead of it.
Stay out of trouble. Or just ahead of it.

Offering Advice On The Go
Now in some situations this can be very useful. You’ve just passed your test and you might not be that confident. So it’s great to have someone more experienced near you to show you what’s what. The problem is that, for me, the advice did not reduce at the same rate that my experience increased. So 5 years after passing, I was still being guided on how to drive, and it’s at this point that it starts to become a bit less endearing. Whether you see the extra set of voices as a good or a bad thing depends on your mindset and how confident you are behind the wheel. For me, I think there should be some fines involved for overstepping the mark.

Political Parroting
There is an instant ban waiting to happen right here. We hear about politics on the radio, and it’s all over our TVs. They’ve even started putting adverts on BBC1 to make sure that we’re aware that there is a government. So please can my car be one place where I can escape from all of this? Driving requires enough of my headspace already, and there are enough other drivers that can annoy me as it is. If I’m driving, I’m probably staying alert by default. I don’t need an extra round of political discussion to annoy either me or the passengers in the car. I’m yet to have a political chat where all participants leave completely happy, especially in recent times. So I would like to see that banned from the vehicle too. Or at least a few disclaimers signed.

If you choose a song, make sure the driver is happy. Or have you bus pass handy.
If you choose a song, make sure the driver is happy. Or have you bus pass handy.

Adjusting The Stereo
Bit more of a tricky one this. I’m fully in favour of banning the mobile phone from use while driving, as it causes distraction. But my argument is that adjusting the stereo causes just as much distraction. In fact, one might need to take their eyes off the road temporarily in order to make the necessary adjustments, which could be lethal. So what’s the solution? Adjust the stereo before you set off, or have a passenger do it for you, for a start.

If you are going to have a passenger do it for you, make it clear that the radio station should be your choice. You’re the driver and you need to be most comfortable. Unless the passenger is actually navigating or doing something useful, the driver should get preferential treatment here. Or better still, buy a car with stereo controls on the wheel, and memorise where they are. Then you can adjust away without ever having to take your eyes off the road. I’m not even going to start talking about the recent trend for touchscreens.

So these are just three of my proposals that can make driving easier, and less annoying. Do you have any more suggestions? If so, give us a call. Let’s talk. And if you can’t find the right car for you, let us do the hard work for you. Thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts?