A Modified Car – 4 Places To Start And Add Value


Unless you happen to be one of the three people that has never heard of the fast and the furious, you will appreciate that some like a good car modification. And as with everything, there are some that I fully support, and some that I think are a waste of money. And we are not here to waste money. Really, my advice should be that most car manufacturers know what’s best for their cars, so you should leave it standard. If you want a faster car, then my view is to just get one in the first place. Or better still, MotorKwirks will find a car for you. But there are a few mods that you can make that may be completely worthwhile. A well modified car can be a good thing. Here are 4 ideas to start things off:

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The most important component on a car in my view. The only part of the car that should be making contact with the road, so these had better be up to the standard. So much so that there is a whole in-depth article about these elsewhere on the site, and you can access this if you become a member by filling in the form below.

A good set of tyres can transform a car
A good set of tyres can transform a car

Depending on your wheel size, you may have access to a huge number of different tyres from different manufacturers, and your car may not have the best tyres fitted as standard. This is therefore a good value way to give yourself maximum grip and safety on the road.

Once you have upgraded your tyres, you can then upgrade the brakes. Not enough people appreciate that tyres are part of the braking system. We rely on their grip on the road to speed up, turn and slow down. In some cases, simply buying better pads next time we have to change our brakes may be sufficient. This slows us down faster, and keep us out of trouble.

Unless you have a very fast car, and you use it regularly on a track, I would stay away from carbon ceramics. They do work well and consistently, they and are a brilliant piece of technology. However, they are also very expensive, and most people who only drive on the road might not reap the full benefits. There are far worse ways to spend a lot of money, but it is still a lot of money!

This is an interesting one, as I’m not a fan of loud exhausts at all. But I do see an advantage in fitting a lower restriction exhaust. A lower restriction exhaust reduces back pressure for the engine, and a forthcoming engine post will explain this. Back pressure restricts an engine’s ability to breathe, and get rid of exhaust gases. This harms power (which I’m not terribly interested in for this), and fuel economy (which I am).

Reducing back pressure lowers the amount of effort an engine requires to do its job. This can only be a good thing. The fix may be as simple as investigating the standard exhaust first for any faults, before simply buying a new one. A new exhaust won’t magically transform the car unless there was plenty wrong with the old one.

Less restrictive exhausts may be worth investigating
Less restrictive exhausts may be worth investigating

Simply lowering the car, I’m not keen on. This reduces suspension travel and causes parts of the car to grind against each other and the road surface. No thanks. But, if you have the money and want to transform your car, a good set of springs and dampers could really transform your driving experience.

Suspension is a reasonably complicated part of the car, and it can take time to set up properly. This makes it very easy to ruin a car’s handling as well. But it can give you an opportunity to tune the car’s balance and make it work for you better. Not one for everybody, but if you’re going to modify a car, at least do it properly.

If it was my money, this is where I would start my modifying process. Where would you start? Is there anything obvious that you would do and I haven’t? If you want to modify your car, we can offer free telephone advice on this. If you want us to find you a car, then call us today and you won’t be waiting long to find your next set of wheels. Thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts?