New Driver Nerves – 3 Tips To Make Them Work For You


How often have you heard the phrase ‘new driver nerves’? To be honest, it’s not the most catchy of phrases, but it certainly is a sentiment that I hear a lot. The question is often asked as to whether nerves are a bad thing or not. Most people will tell you to try and supress your nerves before taking on a big obstacle. This can therefore make nervousness seem like a negative. I’m not so sure about this, and coming up are 3 reasons why.

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Do you have the nerve to take on one of these?
Do you have the nerve to take on one of these?

Nerves Show Seriousness
Driving a car is a serious business. You’re in control (hopefully) of something that can weigh upwards of two tonnes. Something that could do some proper damage to people and buildings if left in the wrong hands. So you being nervous about taking to the wheel means that you recognise the gravity of what you’re doing, and may therefore do a better job of it. I prefer this to someone who decides it’s not really a big deal, doesn’t take it seriously and ends up endangering people’s lives. To me, this is a no-brainer.

Nerves Show Humility
Nobody knows everything when they’re behind the wheel. One is always learning. My favourite phrase at the moment is ‘It’s been many years since I passed my test, but it will be many years until I fully learn to drive’. There is a difference. Nerves accept that we don’t know everything, and may need help to get across the (start) line. Because that’s really what passing the driving test is. Confirmation that you’re ready to start driving by yourself. A bit of humility and an ability to ask for help when required will make this journey much more productive and safer.

Nerves (Can) Increase Concentration
Needless to say that driving a car requires concentration. If you think you can drive a car well, while eating a sandwich, on the phone, and retuning a stereo, then have a look at some of the most recent accidents. Driver concentration is normally a big factor in many collisions, and the right amount of nervousness, can heighten the senses and avert danger. However, this can be a bit of a tightrope to balance.

Too many nerves can impede control and affect your overall driving standard. Too few nerves could show a lack of care, so getting this balance right is key. I realise I’m saying this as if people have the luxury of choosing what level of nervousness they suffer from (which of course they don’t). But you can manage them to an acceptable level by balancing out the feelings of responsibility with the knowledge that, with the right training, you are good enough to drive a vehicle.

As much as nerves can help, taking time out to relax also works wonders!
As much as nerves can help, taking time out to relax also works wonders!

Are you someone who suffers with nerves when driving? Were you able to effectively channel your nerves and yield a positive outcome? Hopefully now you are better equipped to tackle your new driver nerves and carry on towards the ultimate goal. Don’t forget to make use of our services, here exclusively for your benefit. Thanks for reading!

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