Our Customers Thoughts

What’s even better than us telling you how helpful we are? Our customers’ thoughts on how helpful we are! Because who better to tell all about all the services we offer than those who have enjoyed them!

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All good in Motorkwirks-land!
All good in Motorkwirks-land!

Here are a selection of testimonials from our loyal customers, who have been enjoying our advice and expertise for years:

Sam, West London
‘Back in 2014, when I was looking for a simple but reliable family car, my friend Kwesi offered much more than just an opinion – he offered advice and reassurance. As I started to shop around and test drive cars, I found his advice was to be relied upon. . I went on to purchase a Fiesta, which served me well for 4 years, before selling it off with high recommendations having learned from my friend. Kwesi played an instrumental role in the purchase of the car. Although I am not currently driving a Ford, I do hope that in the near future I can return to Ford family. I know just who to consult when that time comes.’

David, North London
‘From the beginning, Kwesi was very helpful and easy to communicate with. As a new bike rider I especially found that his service helped me dissect the overwhelming amount of information that I was facing. He provided exactly what I needed and will always be my go-to guy’

Sasha, Oxford
‘Motorkwirks made a stressful and bewildering experience feel much more understandable and clear. They helped us decide between all the hundreds of options with loads of variables and understand what we should actually be looking for and what was a good price. They also helped us with what to check for when we saw the car so we could go beyond just checking it had 4 wheels!’

Sarah, London
‘For a first time car buyer like me, trying to navigate through the huge number of car websites and unfamiliar terms, never mind trying to narrow down the vast array of models on offer to one that would actually suit my needs, was all very overwhelming and confusing. Motorkwirks expert Kwesi was able to explain the whole buying process. From finding a reliable seller to picking up the keys, and during the car search, he was on hand to give tailored advice on the options I found allowing me to quickly sort out the wheat from the chaff and saving me hours of time shortlisting possible options online.

I learned so much about what kinds of make, model, safety rating, mileage, equipment service history would be optimum for a city dweller like me, who a car for both short local journeys and long road trips. His advice was invaluable and I would definitely recommend to anyone new to secondhand car buying like me – save yourself the hassle and ask Motorkwirks to help. I save me plenty of cash too.’

A simple process really. You lovely people use our services and then write about how much you enjoy them. Therefore, could you be one of our loyal customers? Could you be enjoying our exclusive services and saving lots of money? Join the family, and get a vehicle without the stress!