Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried our best to give you as much information we can in the most easy-to-read way. We do appreciate that some may still have queries however. So here are the most frequently asked questions, and all the information you need:

So why should I choose MotorKwirks?
Did you know that, on average, people spend 14 hours looking for their next car?* In most cases, we can find you your ideal car within two hours. Our expert advice will have you smiling behind the wheel again. Our 10% Refer A Friend Offer will leave you bank account similarly satisfied.

What do I get from this service?
You will get a dedicated individual who will take your vehicle requirements extremely seriously. You’ll receive tailored advice on any vehicle shortlist or maintenance regime. Depending on the selected service, you may even receive live assistance for the purchase. We commit to finding you as great a vehicle as possible that meets your criteria.

How long does the process take?
We don’t like giving answers that begin with the words ‘it depends’. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the type of vehicle that you require may have an influence on timescales. In the vast majority of cases, we can find you a suitable car within two hours. We recognise that time is a major pinch point for car buyers, and one of our main aims is to remove stress and confusion.

How will you make sure you find me the right vehicle?
Our initial conversation will comprise a few questions that allow our team to start the vehicle search. This search is based entirely on answers that you provide to ensure that any vehicles that don’t stack up are eliminated. We will then either, provide a shortlist of suitable vehicles or guide you towards one particular vehicle, depending on service selected.

What if you don’t find me the right vehicle?
We have never led customers towards the wrong vehicle model before. When we select vehicles, we take their reliability and running costs into account before making any suggestions. When sourcing a specific vehicle, we will only use reputable establishments.

If the vehicle purchased subsequently poses a problem, any customers are welcome to get in touch and advice provided will be completely free of charge. For ultimate peace of mind, we recommend using an independent vehicle inspector.

What can MotorKwirks guarantee?

All of the following, actually:

We will ensure that you are kept updated on any progress, because we also don’t like nasty surprises.

You will keep 100% of the savings on a vehicle you purchase.

We don’t have any inconvenient vehicle restrictions on age or minimum budget. If you want a car, we’ll find it for you. Simple.

Your requirements will always be our top priority. We guarantee to make the vehicle purchasing process less stressful, and more enjoyable!

So if you have any further questions, you are always welcome to get in touch. Please consult our contacts page for details.

*Data from Autotrader 2019 UK Car Buyer Report.