Review Format

Visual Impressions
How’s the styling? Is it stylish or fashionable? Will it remain current in future or will it date quickly?

How easy is it to get a comfy driving position? How comfortable are the seats on long motorway journeys? How logically is all the switchgear laid out?

How accessible is the performance? How quickly does it accelerate? What’s the official top speed? How are the brakes, both in terms of feel and actually stopping power?

Driving Experience
How responsive is the steering? Is the ride comfortable or do the occupants feel every bump? Does it feel stable and sure-footed at speed? How noisy is it?

Running Costs
How much to buy? How much to insure? How much to service?

Who’s it for?
Every car has a target audience, so there will be no ‘this car is terrible, don’t buy it’ on here. If you’re that target audience, you should buy the car. Straight away. Please now turn off your device and head out immediately.

MotorKwirks Value Rating
Value is more complicated than simply comparing car prices and going for the cheapest version. We need to consider insurance, repair costs, fuel economy, equipment levels, and how well the vehicle achieves its aims. Or how badly.